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Updated Sept. 17, 2003

 I'm a Christian mom and I LOVE the Lord. Prophecy, exhortation and testifying about God's goodness are some of my favorite things. Because I love exhortation, I've put together some awesome links, articles and a gift  to deepen your relationship with the Lord.

Just for showing up here today on this auspicious occasion (every day in the Lord is an awesome day), I'm going to offer you a free file chapter of my book, 

                             "A Believer's Guide to Deliverance for Children"
The subtitle is: "Foster, Adoptive or Birth Children: 
A Way to Remove the Foothold of the Enemy" 

This book contains Godly wisdom for anyone with the        responsibility of parenting a child. To find out more about the book and how to get a free chapter, just click on the picture of the cover to the left. But first, take a moment to see the rest of this page.                                           

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